MEW has offered several options for staking ETH since the first stage of Ethereum 2.0, the Beacon Chain, launched in December 2020. Now that Ethereum has successfully gone through the merge – its planned transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake – all new blocks on Ethereum are verified with the help of validators that are created through ETH staking. For more information, see our blog post with frequently asked questions about the merge.

Full validator staking of 32 ETH is supported via our partner, both from MEW web and MEW wallet app (iOS and Android).

Liquid staking of any ETH amount is offered through Stakewise on MEW web, and Lido on MEW wallet app (iOS and Android).

If you staked your ETH using MEW through one of these providers, read on for frequently asked questions.

How the Ethereum merge affects stakers

The Ethereum merge happened on September 15, 2022, changing the Ethereum consensus mechanism from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. No action was required from ETH stakers prior to or after the merge. If you staked through Lido, Stakewise, or on MEW, your stake continues to earn rewards through the merge.

In addition, validators will now be receiving transaction fees that used to be collected by miners, in addition to staking rewards. Users who staked through MEW don’t need to do anything to ensure that they are receiving the fees – our integrated staking providers are taking care of adding the transaction fees to stakers' rewards.

See the following links from our partners for more information.

How to find out the status of your stake or validator

You can always check the status of your stake and the amount of earned rewards in the MEW interface from which you staked. If you used a hardware or browser wallet with MEW web, just go to the DApps section after accessing your wallet and select the appropriate staking DApp. For MEW wallet app, go to the Earn section and select the DApp through which you staked to find options to view your stake. Here are examples of the way status screens will look: on MEW web:

Stakewise on MEW web: on MEW wallet:

Lido on MEW wallet:

When can staked ETH and rewards be withdrawn?

The unstaking and withdrawal of staked ETH and accumulated rewards will not be possible until a later upgrade in the Ethereum network, which should take place 6-12 months after the merge. This has always been part of the Ethereum road map. You can read more about the merge and staking on the official Ethereum foundation page.

When withdrawal of staked ETH becomes possible, MEW will work with our integrated staking providers to inform users about the required steps to unstake and transfer ETH. Eventually, stakers of full validators on will need to upgrade their withdrawal address information, but nothing needs to be done at this time.

How to stake on Ethereum if you haven’t already, or if you want to stake more ETH

MEW continues to offer ETH staking on MEW wallet app and on MEW web, which supports connection with all popular hardware wallets, browser extensions including our own extension Enkrypt, and mobile wallets using WalletConnect. Whether you want to stake a full validator with 32 ETH or smaller amounts with liquid staking, you can do so on the MEW platform of your choice.

See the following guides for detailed instructions:

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