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Create and Back up your wallet with MEW wallet Android
Create and Back up your wallet with MEW wallet Android

Steps and resources for creating a wallet on the MEW wallet Android app.

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The MEW wallet is our official fully-fledged Ethereum mobile app. It’s fast, secure, and simple to use, giving our users a seamless experience directly on the device.

With MEW wallet Android, you can:

  • Buy ETH directly from the app

  • Automatically see and manage all ERC20 tokens

  • Send and receive transactions

  • Swap ETH and ERC20 tokens

  • Bridge to Polygon and swap on Polygon with lower fees

  • Use web3 and decentralized applications

  • Manage multiple accounts

And more!

To begin exploring Ethereum on your mobile device, download the MEW wallet app.

Create a Wallet on Android

  1. Open the MEW wallet app.

  2. Click on ‘Create a wallet’

    1. Already have a wallet? Click on 'Import existing wallet' and import with recovery phrase. Check out the ‘Restore/ Import your wallet on MEW wallet using Recovery phrase’ article for assistance.

  3. Make sure to read the safety tips! Then click ‘Create a wallet’.

  4. Choose a strong PIN for future access and re-enter it for verification.

  5. Wait for your account to generate, then select ‘Start Using MEW wallet’.

Back-Up Your Wallet

Please note: This step is crucial if you plan on using your wallet in the long term. We cannot recover your account for you, so you must keep track of this information yourself.

MEW does not collect any personal information about users and has absolutely no access to user wallets. We highly advise backing up your wallet BEFORE sending any funds to it.

After creating your wallet, a pop-up will appear giving you the option to ‘Back-up Now’ or ‘I’ll Risk it’.

  • We always recommend backing up your wallet immediately, however, you have the option to do it later by clicking ‘I will risk it’. To back up later, click on the 'Action required' prompt in the app. The recovery phrase can also be viewed in Settings.

  • Select ‘Back up Now’. Read the warning and then click 'Back up now' again.

  • Get a pen and a piece of paper then write down the 24 words that appear.

    • Keep these words in the same order as they appear, and double-check that it’s all spelled correctly.

    • Best practices would be writing this phrase down 2 - 3 times on separate sheets of paper, stored in multiple secure locations.

  • Pass a quick test on the device, and you’re done!

Welcome to MEW!

Adding accounts

Users can generate additional addresses directly on their MEW wallet app giving them full access to all that the app offers on each added address.

To add an account on your MEW wallet app,

  1. Open the MEW wallet app then enter your PIN to unlock the wallet

  2. Place your finger on the color account card and slide it to the left

  3. Click on ‘Add a new account’

  4. Pick a nickname for the account then click ‘Add’

  5. Enter you PIN to confirm the changes

Nice! You’ve just generated another account. These accounts are generated from the same recovery phrase as your original account and can all be restored with one phrase.

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