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Restore/ Import your wallet on MEW wallet using Recovery phrase
Restore/ Import your wallet on MEW wallet using Recovery phrase

Steps for restoring your existing wallet in the MEW wallet app.

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Don’t have a MEW wallet? Go ahead and check out the following guides to get started:

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You can restore a wallet in MEW wallet app with a recovery phrase (also known as seed phrase or mnemonic phrase), whether you previously got it from MEW or another Ethereum wallet.

The recovery phrase is the wallet key that is provided to you on wallet creation. It can also be viewed in Settings of the MEW wallet app (for existing users), as well as in other non-custodial wallets.

For more info and tips, go ahead and check out the ‘What is a Recovery phrase’ article.

Restoring or Importing your wallet

(Steps applicable for both iOS and Android)

  1. Open the MEW wallet app.

  2. Click on ‘Restore’.

  3. Select ‘Use Recovery phrase’.

    1. Private key and Keystore file access are not supported on the MEW wallet app. If you have those methods of access, please see our ‘How to Access your Wallet on MEW web’ article for assistance.

  4. Enter in your Recovery phrase

    1. Make sure that you’re entering the words in the correct order and each is spelled correctly. Even one word off can result in you accessing a completely different address.

    2. If you have a 12, 15, 18 or 21-word recovery phrase, just enter the amount words that you have. You’ll still be able to recover your wallet.

    3. Android Users: The words must be separated by only 1 space between each word.

  5. Create your PIN and then re-enter it to complete wallet recovery.

  6. You’re all done! Click ‘Finish’ (for iOS) or ‘Start Using MEW wallet’ (for Android).

    1. If you had multiple accounts, feel free to add them back putting your finger on the account card and sliding it to the left. Then you’ll click ‘Add Account’, pick a nickname, then click ‘Add’.

      1. Please note: In MEW wallet, all accounts are generated from your recovery phrase. Due to the way recovery phrases work, all restored accounts will be the same as before, in the same order (as long as you are using the correct phrase, of course).

    2. Any watch-only accounts will have the be re-added as well. See the following article for more help with adding watch-only article: Adding a Watch-Only account using MEW wallet iOS

Don't have your Recovery Phrase?

If you believe that you’ve lost your Recovery phrase or never received one to begin with, your account won’t be restorable on the MEW wallet app. However, you may still be able to access your wallet on MEW web, depending on what access method you do have (Private key or Keystore file). Check out the ‘How to Access your Wallet on MEW web’ article for the best assistance with that.

If you want to use the MEW wallet app, but only have a Private Key or Keystore file for your wallet, there is no way to create a phrase from them. You would need to create a new wallet in the app and transfer your funds from the old wallet.

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