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Stake your ETH on Ethereum 2.0 for rewards using Lido, the Ethereum liquid staking DApp.

Start earning rewards on staked ETH with no minimum requirements and no wait for activation. All ETH stakes will be rewarded in stETH on a 1:1 basis (acting as a bridge for Eth1 and Eth2), and as your staked ETH generates rewards from Eth2, your balance on the Beacon chain will increase.

To Start Staking your ETH:

  1. Open the MEW wallet app and click the ‘Earn’ tab found on the bottom of the screen (looks like a mini plant).

  2. Click on ‘Ethereum liquid staking with Lido’.

  3. Review the details about staking your ETH with Lido then click ‘Start staking'.

  4. Enter the amount of ETH that you want to stake, then click ‘Stake __ ETH’.

    1. If you need more ETH, go ahead and press ‘Buy more ETH’ to purchase more. For assistance with that process, check out the ‘Buy ETH on MEW wallet iOS’ article for guidance.

  5. Read and review the risks involved with staking and if you’re ready, click ‘Confirm’

  6. Double-check the transaction details, review and check the boxes then choose a transaction speed from the provided options.

    1. You'll be receiving stETH which represents your stake in Ethereum 2.0.

    2. Please keep in mind that you can swap stETH for ETH at market rates at any time, but you will only be able to redeem your ETH for stETH, at a 1:1 basis, once transfers are enabled on Eth2.

  7. When you’re done, click ‘Confirm’ and confirm the transaction with your PIN or another biometric verification setting that you have.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully staked your ETH using Lido! Feel free to double-check the transaction on Etherscan or you can visit the MEW wallet Lido DApp anytime to check the status of your stake and the rewards earned – your status screen will look something like this:

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