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Claim ENS tokens on MEW
Claim ENS tokens on MEW

Steps for claiming your $ENS tokens on MEW web.

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ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a domain service that lets users choose a specific domain that can be used in place of the wallet’s account address. This offers a decentralized and secure way to map your chosen domain name to your Ethereum wallet address.

For more information about ENS domains, please see the ‘Register and Manage .eth Domains with ENS’ article for more information.

ENS recently launched the $ENS token, which is a further step in decentralizing the governance of the ENS protocol. The token distribution included an airdrop to long-time ENS domain name holders. Having the $ENS token gives the users the ability to vote on a proposed ENS Constitution, a set of rules and guidelines for the community on how ENS should be governed. Token holders can also delegate their votes to other members of the governance organization.

Users with registered ENS domains are eligible to claim $ENS tokens based on the formula calculated on the history of your wallet address. However, generally speaking, users can claim their tokens if their ENS domain was registered before October 31st, 2021.

Based on the following factors, you may be eligible:

  • Age of .ETH domain

  • Expiration date (longer registrations get more $ENS)

  • Primary ENS, formerly called the Reverse Record, get a 2x multiplier

For more information about the $ENS token, go ahead and click HERE to read more about it.

Claiming $ENS tokens on MEW web

If eligible for the token airdrop, MEW users can claim their ENS tokens directly from our website using the ENS DApp, simply by accessing their wallet.

For MEW wallet users, first, connect to MEW web via QR code then follow the instructions below. Go ahead and see the following article for assistance connecting:

Please note: The $ENS token distribution is per wallet holder, not per ENS domain name.

To claim your tokens on MEW web:

  1. Visit our website at and click ‘Access my wallet’

    1. Don't have an Ethereum wallet? Go ahead and check out the ‘How to Create an Ethereum wallet with MEW web’ article for further assistance

  2. Click on your access method and complete the process to login

    1. For help with access, please see the ‘How to Access your Wallet on MEW web’ article

  3. Select the ‘DApps’ option located on the left-hand side of your Dashboard

  4. Click the ‘ENS Manager’

  5. When the ‘ENS Manager’ opens, click on ‘Claim tokens’

  6. If you’re eligible for the ‘ENS airdropped’, you should see the following screen. If so, go ahead and click ‘Claim’

    1. Please keep in mind that gas is required for the transaction fee so make sure that you have sufficient funds. For help buying ETH, check out the 'Buy and Sell Crypto on MEW web' article for guidance.

  7. Verify the transaction then click 'Confirm and Send' when you're done

    1. If you've accessed using MEW wallet or a hardware wallet, make sure to verify the transaction on the device as well

  8. You're all set! Once the transaction is processed, the token will be deposited into your wallet. Feel free to track the progress on Etherscan in the meantime.

Keep in mind: If you don't have an ENS domain, you can purchase your .eth name using our ENS Manager DApp, however, you won't be eligible for the token drop since the snapshot of ENS and wallet addresses were taken on October 31, 2021.

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