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Enkrypt: Send, Receive and Swap your crypto
Enkrypt: Send, Receive and Swap your crypto

A complete guide on how to send/ receive crypto, along with swapping your crypto using different networks.

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Enkrypt, MEW’s official multichain browser extension wallet, provides users with easy access to the world of web3 on the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems directly from their browser toolbar.

This guide provides the steps for receiving, sending and swapping your crypto. If you would like more of an overview of Enkrypt, feel free to check out the User Guide linked below:

Receiving Crypto

To receive crypto in your Enkrypt wallet, all you need is your account address for the appropriate networks. For all networks, the address and its QR code are easily accessible in the extension.

If you’re expecting incoming crypto to your Enkrypt address but have trouble finding it in the extension, make sure you know which network they were sent on and check the corresponding ‘Assets’ page in the extension.

Safety tip: If someone is sending crypto to your wallet, the sender should ONLY need the address for your wallet in order to complete the transaction. NEVER provide your Recovery information (Private key, Recovery phrase, etc) for anyone! If someone is saying that they need that information in order to send crypto to your wallet, it’s most likely a scam.

For more safety tips, feel free to see some of the articles below:

To see your receiving address:

  1. Unlock your Enkrypt wallet using your password and open your wallet

    1. If you’re a first time user and need help with creating and downloading Enkrypt, feel free to read the ‘Enkrypt: Create/ Restore a wallet and Buy crypto’ article.

  2. Make sure that you’re on the intended network then click ‘Deposit’. You can also click on the ‘Copy’ or the ‘QR code’ icon in the top right corner.

    1. For more info about Networks and how to change them on Enkrypt, go ahead and check out the following article: ‘Enkrypt: Connecting to networks and DApps

  3. Your receiving address will show, as well as the QR code for that account address.

  4. From here, users have the option to ‘Copy’, ‘Share’ or have the QR code scanned directly.

    1. The ‘Copy’ option allows you to copy your account address to your clipboard.

    2. The QR code can be used to be scanned by a wallet app or mobile device. It serves for easier transactions if you’re near the sender.

  5. You’re all done! Once the transaction has completed on the sending end, you should be able to see the new crypto in the ‘Assets’ section of your Enkrypt wallet.

Sending crypto using Enkrypt:

Sending crypto on Enkrypt is simple but there are things to keep in mind before sending:

  • Network fees will be associated with every transaction, and those fees are not determined or collected by MEW.

  • All transactions are FINAL after they have been completed so please make sure to double check everything before sending.

  • When sending on other networks, please keep in mind that the transaction fee will be required in that network's native currency. If you need to buy a token that isn’t available to buy on Enkrypt, we recommend using an exchange.

To send your crypto:

  1. Choose the network that you’re sending your crypto from then click on ‘Send’

    1. If you need help with doing that, check out the ‘Enkrypt: Connecting to networks and DApps’ article for more information.

  2. Pick one of the available addresses that you want to send crypto from.

  3. Click in the ‘TO’ field to either pick one of the addresses from the dropdown (recently used addresses and added accounts in the extension) or paste the address that you’re sending to (within the same network). You can also enter an ENS domain or Unstoppable Domains name (like 'myaddress.eth' or 'myaddress.crypto', for example).

    1. If you need to move funds between networks (like from Ethereum to Polygon or Ethereum to Polkadot) you will need to use the swap feature or a bridging Web DApp.

    2. Avoid manually typing in the address to ensure there are no errors. Transactions are final so entering an address incorrectly can result in a loss of crypto. Using a blockchain domain helps avoid such errors – consider getting one by connecting your Enkrypt wallet to ENS dapp or Unstoppable Domains.

  4. Select the crypto that you want to send from the drop-down menu and enter the amount that you’re trying to send (we're sending sETH2 in this example).

    1. To send the full balance, go ahead and click ‘Max’.

  5. Choose your transaction speed from the options provided.

    1. For more information about Gas and transaction fees, go ahead and check out the 'What is Gas' article.

  6. Review your transaction and if everything looks correct, click on ‘Confirm and Send’.

  7. Allow some time for your transaction to process before seeing your balance update.

    1. To double-check, feel free to track the transaction in the ‘Activity’ tab or pull the transaction up on a blockchain explorer.

  8. Nice! You’ve successfully sent some crypto using Enkrypt!

Swapping crypto using Enkrypt

Enkrypt is all about providing a seamless user experience, built on a foundation of security. This is why we’ve partnered with multiple exchanges to bring you competitive price points for your swaps across multiple chains. In just a few steps, users can swap different currencies directly across Ethereum and other blockchains.

Before swapping, please keep in mind that swaps require gas so it's important to make sure that you have enough crypto to cover gas fees. If you need to buy some crypto, please check out the following article:

To swap your crypto:

  1. Enter your Enkrypt password to unlock your wallet.

  2. Select the account and the network that you want to swap from then click on the ‘Swap’ icon.

    1. For assistance with changing networks on Enkrypt, please see the following article: Enkrypt: Connecting to networks and DApps.

    2. Keep in mind that Swaps are not yet supported on all networks. If you receive an error when trying to swap, you can instead connect your Enkrypt wallet to a web decentralized exchange that supports the desired network.

  3. Search for and select the crypto that you want to swap. You can also search by the token’s contract address if you have it. (Swapping sETH2 for this example)

  4. Enter the amount that you want to swap.

    1. To swap the full balance, click on ‘MAX’.

  5. Choose the crypto that you want to swap to. The amount you’re getting in the swap should then auto-generate. (Swapping to USDT in this example).

    1. If you’re swapping to tokens in a different network, make sure to include the receiving address for that wallet.

  6. Select the account that you want the swapped tokens to be sent to.

  7. Click on ‘Preview Swap’ to review your swap details, and to allow Enkrypt to find the best swap rate offers for you.

  8. You should now be looking at the best swap offers from our swap providers. This offer will explain the exact amount of crypto that you’ll be receiving in the swap and also shows a breakdown of the rates and fees.

    1. To see a different offer, feel free to click on 'Other offers' to review the additional options you have for swap rates.

  9. Choose your transaction speed by using the dropdown menu next to ‘Fee’. (optional)

    1. For more information about transaction fees and speeds, please see the ‘What is Gas’ article for better understanding.

  10. Review your Swap details then click ‘Proceed with Swap’ if everything looks good.


  11. Perfect! Your swap has been initiated! Click on 'Finish' to return back to your Enkrypt dashboard.

    1. The speed of the transaction is dependent on the speed you chose and the overall volume of traffic in the blockchain, so please allow time for your swap to process before it’s completed.

  12. The swap transaction will appear in the 'Activity' section of both the sending and receiving accounts for the swap (if different). If the token was swapped to a different network, make sure to switch over to the appropriate account to see the incoming crypto.

Nice! You just successfully swapped your crypto using Enkrypt!

If you experience any issues with Enkrypt, please contact our support team at

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