1. Secure your access method.

  • Whether it’s by purchasing a hardware wallet, downloading MEW wallet, or by using MEW offline, secure access is the number one defense against phishing.

2. Install MEW CX, EAL, PhishFort, or Cryptonite.

  • These Chrome Extensions warn you when visiting malicious sites.

3. Never click a link sent to you, even if it looks legit.

  • Search for the service on Google, or find the information from an official source. Make sure it’s not an ad!

4. You should never have to enter your private key for any service, airdrop, or KYC verification.

  • Do not give your private key, mnemonic phrase, or keystore file to anyone! These are best used with MEW offline.

5. Check the URL very closely, to make sure it’s the one you are expecting.

  • Phishers are very clever with their tiny dots and accents over and under the letters.

  • Bookmark all the sites you frequent most!

6. Always Google search any token sales or ICOs you’re interested in.

  • If it’s a scam, others will likely be posting about it.

  • Check their Twitter, Reddit, etc. (Follow us on Twitter and Reddit while you’re at it!)

7. Search smart and look for common signs of scams – lack of followers in common, angry comments, etc.

  • Remember, there are many fake bots and accounts out there!

8. Before sending crypto to any address, search it on Etherscan first.

  • There is a comment section there that is likely to be full of angry people if the address is known for stealing funds.

9. Double and triple-check everything!

  • Make sure every address is 100% correct, as even one wrong character will lead to a completely different wallet.

  • While you’re at it, register an ENS domain name so your friends can send to “MyName.eth” instead of “0xab3c4edf…”.

    • Read more about registering a human-readable ENS domain.

  • We cannot reverse or refund transactions, so this is very important!

10. Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Below are two common scams and how to spot them:

Image of MEW security example scenario 1
Image of MEW security example scenario 2
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