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Back to the Basics: 10 MEW Tips for Ethereum Beginners
Back to the Basics: 10 MEW Tips for Ethereum Beginners

Tips for users who are new to MEW and/or crypto.

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1. Check the URL to make sure it says ‘’.

  • Keep us bookmarked for future use.

  • Phishers are tricky, so make sure there are no dots or accents on any of the letters.

  • If you find a phishing site, send it to us so we can take it down!

  • Download EAL, PhishFort, or Cryptonite for up-to-date alerts when visiting known phishing sites.

2. Use the checksummed version of your address.

  • This is the version of your address that includes both capital and lowercase letters.

  • Check out our article for more information on checksummed addresses.

3. Send a small amount first, to test the waters.

  • We cannot reverse, cancel, or refund transactions. Make sure you know the process inside and out!

  • Read our user guide all about sending transactions.

4. Keep your information off the computer.

  • Write down everything in physical backups.

  • Pen and paper are highly underrated. No one can hack your notebook!

  • However, you can lose your notebook – so make extra copies.

  • Use MEW offline for extra security!

5. Do not share your private information with anyone.

  • Including us! We will never ask for your Private Key, Keystore File, or Recovery Phrase.

6. We will never email you first.

  • If you got an email from us without emailing us first, it’s not us.

7. Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

  • Do your research and remain skeptical!

  • Before sending to a third party or using a new service, Google the service name + ‘scam’ or ‘reviews’.

8. Pay very close attention to the address you’re sending to.

  • Sending to the wrong address can mean the permanent loss of your funds. Make sure you know who you’re sending to.

  • Double and triple-check everything. Even one wrong character will make a difference and lead to loss of funds.

  • Never hand type anything. Copy & paste is your best friend!

  • Make sure you’re not sending to a contract address! Funds sent directly to a contract address can not be recovered.

9. Buy a hardware wallet.

  • Hardware wallets are generally around ~100 USD and offer the best protection for your crypto assets.

  • Ledger and Trezor are two great options we highly recommend!

10. Ask for help.

  • This is still a very new field, but it has a strong community to back it up.

  • Social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter are filled with real people who live and breathe crypto, ourselves included!

  • Reach out to our support team directly if you’re ever confused or have concerns. We can be reached at

~ If you haven't already, feel free to check us out on Twitter and Reddit ~


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