Don’t have a MEW wallet? Go ahead and check out the following articles to get started:

>> Download the MEW wallet app HERE

>> Create and Backup your wallet with MEW wallet Android

>> Restore/ Import your wallet on MEW wallet using Recovery phrase

Also, check out the ‘What are DApps’ article for a Deeper dive into all things DApps.

Exploring DApps on your Android:

Interacting with DApps is seamless and available directly on the MEW wallet Android app, with the additional option of connecting to external web DApps that support MEW as a connection option (via QR code).

To Explore DApps on Android:

  1. First, make sure that you’re logged into the app.

    1. Need Help accessing your wallet? Please see the ‘Restore/ Import your wallet on MEW wallet using Recovery phrase’ article in our Help Center for more information.

  2. When logged in, go ahead and click the ‘Browser’ icon, which looks like a little compass

  3. You should now be seeing the featured DApps page

  4. If you’re looking for a specific DApp, try searching it in the search bar. Otherwise, feel free to try out some of the DApps shown in the ‘Featured’ section. Recently browsed DApps will appear in ‘Recents’, and users can also mark DApps as favorites so they’ll show up in the ‘Favorites’ section

Earn on MEW wallet Android

MEW wallet Android allows users to earn crypto from DApps directly on the app by clicking the 'Earn' icon and connecting to the DApp you wish to use.

Please see the following guides for more information about how you can earn crypto using each DApps:

>> Lido on MEW wallet Android

>> Yearn Finance on MEW wallet Android

>> Stake on Eth2 using MEW wallet Android

Connecting to DApps on MEW web:

For users who want to interact with the DApps on MEW web, you have the ability to connect your MEW wallet app via QR code.

The DApps available on web are ETH Blocks, ENS Manager and Stake on ETH2

To Connect:

  1. Visit our website at and then click ‘Access my wallet’

  2. Select ‘MEW wallet’ and the QR code will show up

  3. Open your MEW wallet app and click on the camera icon found in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. When it opens, point it to the QR code. MEW wallet will scan the QR code which should automatically connect you to our website.

  5. Click on the DApps option on the left-hand side of your MEW Dashboard

  6. Congrats! You just accessed the featured DApps page

    1. For more information regarding our web DApps, please see the ‘Interacting with DApps on MEW web’ article in our Help Center.

Connecting to External Web DApps:

MEW also allows users to connect to external web DApps that support MEW as a connection option, via QR code.

Here are some examples of some web DApps that support connection with MEW wallet app:





Matic wallet

DApp Radar


Unstoppable Domains

& many more!

To Connect your wallet:

  1. Find the ‘connect wallet’ button on the DApp your using and locate the ‘MEW wallet’ option

  2. Open the QR code scanner on your MEW wallet app

    1. See Steps 3 and 4 above

  3. When it opens, point it to the QR code provided by the DApp’s website. The QR code should scan which automatically connects your wallet to the site.

    1. If you’re having trouble scanning the QR code, make sure that both devices have network data and/or Wifi.

If you're still experiencing issues, write to

Best Practices:

  1. Make sure that the DApp is legitimate and reputable

  2. Always be aware of the approvals and permissions that you accept for DApps

  3. Double-check URL’s and certificates of websites. Make sure that they are trusted and secure.

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