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Interacting with DApps on MEW web
Interacting with DApps on MEW web

Steps and Resources for interacting with DApps found on our website.

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This article is about using DApps with MEW web. You can also use DApps with MEW wallet iOS and MEW wallet Android. See the following guides for more information:

For a deeper dive into DApps, please see our ‘What are DApps’ article.

Access the DApps on MEW web

  1. Visit our website,, and click ‘Access my wallet’

    1. For further assistance with accessing your wallet, please see the ‘How to Access your wallet’ on MEW web’ article found in our Help Center.

2. When you’ve gained access, click on ‘DApps’ found on the left-hand side of your MEW dashboard.

3. Congrats! You made it to the DApps page on MEW. Now feel free to click on the DApp you want to use and go ahead and get started.

DApps currently available on MEW web:

MEW allows users to interact with the following DApps directly on our website:

Not seeing a DApp that you want? Please check out version 5 of our website. Some DApps are still only accessible on the old version, but we are working on adding them to the current version.

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