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MyEtherWallet allows users to view their Private key on our platform when accessing with Keystore file or Recovery phrase. However, keep in mind that Keystore file, Recovery phrase, and Private keys are not recommended methods for regular access.

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Please note: Recovery phrases are tied to a number of wallet addresses and each wallet address has its own Private key. If you access with a Private key, there is no Recovery phrase for your address. Private keys can be retrieved from Recovery phrases, but not the other way around.

To see your Private key

  1. Visit our website at

  2. Click on ‘Access my wallet’ and then click ‘Software’.

  3. Click your access method: either Mnemonic phrase or Keystore.

    1. For assistance accessing your wallet with these methods, check out the ‘How to Access your Wallet on MEW web’ article

  4. When you’ve accessed your wallet, locate the colorful account card found on the left-hand side of the screen and click the down arrow next to ‘My Personal Account’.

  5. Click ‘View Paper Wallet’.

  6. Congratulations! You’ve just accessed your Private key! From here, you have the option to print out your paper wallet or write down the private key for safekeeping.

Best Practices

  1. Write down your Private key on a piece of paper and save it somewhere safe. It’s always a good rule of thumb to save recovery information offline and off of any type of computer.

  1. NEVER provide your Private key to anyone. They are the number one most sensitive information anyone can have for a wallet because private keys allow immediate access to the wallet and can never be changed.

  1. Avoid using your Private key as the main method of access for your wallet, as it is not recommended. To ensure the wallet’s security, you should consider using a hardware wallet, like Ledger or Trezor to import your Private key into. We also recommend downloading the MEW wallet app for mobile wallet usage.

    1. The MEW wallet app does not support Private keys as a restore/import method. For more information about that, check out the ‘How does the MEW wallet app handle Private keys’ article

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