Custom tokens on MEW wallet

Resources for adding a custom tokens on MEW web with MEW wallet.

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Don't have a wallet? Go ahead and check out the following guides for help getting started:


MEW is a client-side interface that allows our users to interact with any ERC20 tokens directly, both on MEW web and MEW wallet app. Most tokens will show in your wallet automatically. However, if you access your wallet and you don't see the expected token, you can add it as a custom token in order to interact with it. This process takes place on MEW web.

In most cases, all ERC20 tokens in your wallet should automatically appear in the app. If the token isn't visible automatically, the process of adding a custom token needs to be done on MEW web. After adding the token on the web interface, it won't start appearing in the app as well. In order to see and interact with the token, users would need to access their wallet on MEW web every time.

For guidance on connecting your wallet to MEW web and adding a custom token, please see the following guides:

If you experience problems adding a custom token, please contact our support team at for assistance.

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