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How to add a Custom token on MEW web
How to add a Custom token on MEW web

Steps for adding a custom token on MEW web, version 6.

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Any ERC20 token can be added to your MEW web dashboard, where

Step 1. Head to a block explorer like Etherscan and search for your wallet address.

Image of Etherscan

Step 2. Look for the token you want to add in the dropdown where your tokens are listed.

Step 3. Click on the token and you'll be taken to the token information page.

Image of Etherscan token information

Step 4. Here, you will find the token’s contract address. Copy this address and head back to MEW.

Image of token Contract Address on Etherscan

Step 5. Click on the three vertical dots in the 'My Tokens Value' and select Add token from the dropdown. If you have added custom tokens previously, you can select Edit Token to edit the information of your custom tokens.

If you don't have any tokens in your wallet yet, just click on '+ Add a custom token'.

Step 6. Paste the contract address into the contract address field then click 'Next' so that MEW can scan the address.

  • If the token's contract address is not a well know token, you will be prompted to manually enter the contract address, the icon, the token name, and the symbol.

  • If the token is well known, the details will pop up automatically. You'll be able to edit the token symbol name. Please make sure to review the information to make sure it's correct.

Step 7. If the details are correct, go ahead and click 'Add Token' to finalize the process.

Step 8. Congratulations! You have successfully added that token as a custom token and it should appear in your 'Tokens value' list. To change custom token information, click on the three vertical dots and select 'Edit Token'.

Common Issues

“Token Already Exists!”

If you see this error, try to re-enter your custom token information, but put a ‘2’ after the symbol. I.e. If the token’s symbol is ‘XYZ’, enter is as ‘XYZ2’.

If you still get this error after submitting it with the modified symbol, then your token is likely already a default token. Check your token list again to see if it appears there.

'Contract not valid'

If you see this error, chances are that the contract address has been entered incorrectly. We recommend double-checking the contract address for the token on Etherscan to make sure the address being entered is correct.

My custom tokens are disappearing!

MEW is a client-side wallet and doesn't store your information on any servers. Your custom token details are only stored locally with your browser. Clearing your cache (or having a cache-clearing software installed) will remove the custom tokens from your dashboard and you'll have to re-add them.

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