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Sending and Receiving crypto on MEW wallet iOS
Sending and Receiving crypto on MEW wallet iOS

Steps for Sending and Receiving ETH and ERC20 tokens on MEW wallet iOS

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MEW makes it easy for you to send and receive ETH and ERC20 tokens directly on your mobile device. All you need is the MEW wallet app and some ETH for gas.

Don't have a MEW wallet? Go ahead and check out the following guides to get started:

>> Download the app HERE

Using MEW wallet on Android? See Send and receive crypto on MEW wallet Android.

Sending ETH or ERC20 tokens on MEW wallet iOS:

Some things to keep in mind before sending:

  • Transaction fees are associated with every transaction on Ethereum and they’re not determined by MEW.

    • For more information, check out the ‘What is Gas’ article

  • All transactions are final so please make sure to double-check EVERYTHING before sending it.

  • Transaction fees are still required, even if the transaction fails.

To Send your Crypto:

  1. Open the MEW wallet app.

  2. Click on the account card that you want to send from, then click the up ‘sending’ arrow.

  3. Paste the address you’re sending to, then click ‘Continue’.

    1. You can also click the camera icon to scan the QR code of the recipient’s address.

  4. Choose the crypto you want to send and enter an amount.

  5. Choose your transaction speed from the available speed options.

    1. For more information about Gas, check out the ‘What is Gas’ article

  6. Confirm your transaction using the authentication method that you have enabled (PIN, Face ID or Fingerprint), and then wait a moment for it to process.

  7. You’re done! Your transaction will appear in ‘Recent transactions’ under your account card. You can also pull the transaction up on to double-check.

Receiving ETH or ERC20 tokens on MEW wallet iOS:

If someone is sending ETH or ERC20 tokens to your wallet, the sender should ONLY need the address for your wallet in order to complete the transaction.

Please note: NEVER provide your Recovery information (Private key, Recovery phrase, etc) for anyone! If someone is saying that they need that information in order to send crypto to you’re wallet, it’s most likely a scam.

To Receive Crypto:

  1. Open the MEW wallet app.

  2. Click on the account card that you want to receive funds to then click the down ‘receiving’ arrow.

  3. Your public address should then appear along with the QR code for the wallet itself.

  4. From here, you have the following options:

  • Click the ‘Share’ option, which allows you to send your public wallet address to someone via text, email, save to your files, etc.

  • Click the ‘Copy’ option which just copied your wallet address to your clipboard. You can then directly paste it wherever you intend to.

  • If the sender is near you, you can have the sender scan your QR code for a faster copy.

You’re all done! Once the transaction is completed on the sending end, you should be able to see it in your ‘Assets’ section on the app. You can also double-check a block explorer like Etherscan to make sure it went through.

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