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Adding a Watch-Only account using MEW wallet
Adding a Watch-Only account using MEW wallet

Add an outside address to monitor balances and transactions of other wallets

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MEW wallet not only allows users to add multiple accounts deriving from the same imported (or newly created) recovery phrase, but also to import watch-only outside accounts! These watch-only accounts can be added directly to your MEW wallet app using the public address, and will be available for monitoring purposes only.

Watch-only accounts can be used to:

  • Keep track of your entire crypto portfolio by monitoring the balances and activity of your hardware wallets, other mobile and browser wallets, and even cold paper wallets

  • See your NFTs across all your addresses so your entire collection is displayed in one beautiful interface

  • View the assets, transaction activity, and NFT collections of well-known influencers, public figures, and crypto whales, so you can get an insight into their strategy

Don't have a MEW wallet? See the following articles for assistance with creating or importing a wallet.

To add a Watch-only account:

  1. Log into your app by entering your PIN or via biometric recognition.

  2. Slide your account card to the left, then click on ‘Import a watch-only account’. (To create a new fully-featured account generated from the same recovery phrase, click on 'Add new account'.)

  3. Enter the public address for the wallet that you want to import for monitoring purposes then click ‘Continue’.

  4. Enter a name for your account (one that easily identifies the account’s purpose).

  5. Click on ‘Import account’ when you’re done.

  6. Enter your PIN to confirm and finalize the importing of the watch-only account.

  7. Perfect! You’ve just added a ‘watch-only’ account to your wallet. If you look at the right hand corner of the account card, you should see ‘(eye emoji) watch-only’.

Please note: Watch-only accounts are for monitoring purposes only. You cannot send, swap, interact with DApps, or any other functions with this account. However, you can copy the address and send crypto to it from a full-featured wallet (created or imported via recovery phrase).

Removing a Watch only address

In the event that you no longer want to monitor an address, you can remove the watch-only address from your MEW wallet app.

Please note: Doing this completely removes the address to where it can no longer be monitored. To undo this, users would need to re-add the watch-only address following the steps above.

To remove the Watch-only address:

  1. Open and unlock the MEW wallet app by entering your PIN or using biometric recognition.

  2. Click on ‘Manage accounts’ located directly under your account card.

  3. Select the ‘Watch-only’ account that you want to remove.

  4. Click on ‘Remove account’

    1. You can also choose to Hide the account but doing that doesn't remove it. It’ll still be shown, but just grayed out.

  5. Choose to remove the account again.

  6. You’re all set! The watch-only account should now be completely removed from the Manage accounts list! To get back to your MEW wallet dashboard, click on ‘Close’ on the top left-hand corner.

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