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Steps for changing networks (BNB Smart Chain, ETC, Polygon, and others) on MEW web

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While MyEtherWallet was launched in 2015 as a platform for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, we also offer the option to interact with other smart contract networks that have been forked from the Ethereum blockchain or represent Layer 2/sidechain Ethereum solutions. Some examples of these networks include ETC, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain.

If you’re trying to use a different blockchain on MEW, you’ll need to first access your wallet and then click the ‘Change’ button found in the ‘Network’ box.

To Change Networks:

  1. Access your wallet by choosing the desired method.

    1. For more information about accessing your wallet on MEW web, check out the following article: ‘How to Access your Wallet on MEW web

  2. When logged in, you’ll see a ‘Network’ button in the upper right-hand corner. Go ahead and click on the button to open the network list.

  3. Choose the network you would like to interact with from this list. Your address will not change, but your balances will change to reflect the selected network.

Congratulations! You just switched networks on MEW!

Please note: If you’re accessing using a Hardware wallet, MetaMask, or other third-party connection methods, you may not be able to change networks. This is because the network is determined before access, and it cannot be changed in the MEW web interface.

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