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Error: Not Enough ETH to Send
Error: Not Enough ETH to Send

An explanation of the "Error: Not enough ETH to send' message and what to do when you see it.

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If you are getting the error that looks like this: “Not enough ETH to send”, it means you do not have enough ETH in your account to cover the cost of gas.

Each transaction (including token and contract transactions) requires gas, and that gas is paid in ETH. You can think of this like a transaction fee.

Solution: Buy ETH in order to be able to make the transaction.

Regardless of the platform that you're using (MEW web or MEW wallet), users can buy ETH directly on our platform via Simplex.

For MEW wallet uses specifically, users can click on the Gas tracker icon to check the most current gas fees. The Gas tracker icon is located at the top of the MEW wallet main screen. It looks like a mini gas pump. If you don't have enough ETH, you can click 'Buy Ether' to replenish your wallet.

For more assistance in buying ETH, please see the following articles:

You can also learn more about the way gas works in our What is Gas article, but generally, a standard ETH transaction will take a gas limit of 21000 and sending tokens will require 50000 gas - 100000 gas. The total fee is determined by multiplying the gas limit by gas price, which can vary depending on network conditions. Therefore, total fees for token transactions will be higher than for ETH transactions, and swaps will require even more gas because multiple contracts are called.

More Information About Gas

  • The amount of ETH or tokens you are sending does not affect the amount of gas you need.

  • Gas limit is the maximum amount of gas you will send with your transaction. This is in units of gas.

  • Gas price is how much each unit of gas costs. Gas limit multiplied by gas price gives the total gas fee.

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