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Using a Trezor Hardware Wallet with MEW
Using a Trezor Hardware Wallet with MEW

Connect your Trezor hardware wallet to MEW Portfolio

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Trezor hardware wallets are some of the most secure and intuitive cryptocurrency hardware wallets out there. While Trezor's native software supports many cryptocurrencies, MEW Portfolio allows Trezor users to manage any ERC-20 token on Ethereum and access integrated features like staking, swaps, ENS domain registration, and more.

This part is very important: Your Trezor device comes as its own SEPARATE, new wallet. It has its own private key, encrypted into the device itself. You should not try importing an old recovery/seed phrase into a hardware wallet, and you should NEVER use your hardware wallet's seed phrase in online wallets.

Using Trezor with MEW

Step 1. If you haven't set up your new Trezor wallet yet, please visit Trezor's help center for instructions.

Step 2. Connect your Trezor device and head to

Image of connected and set up Trezor

Step 3. Head to ‘Access my wallet’ and choose 'Hardware wallets'.

Step 4. Click the ‘Trezor’ option, and choose ‘Connect Trezor’ with your Trezor device still attached. A new tab will open directing you to the Trezor connection page. Follow the prompts to connect your Trezor.

Step 5. You'll then be asked to allow MEW permissions to read the public keys from your Trezor device. Click ‘Allow once for this session', and feel free to select ‘Don’t ask me again', so this step is automatic in the future.

Image of Trezor permissions

Step 6. Next, you'll be asked to export your Ethereum public key. Click 'Export'

Image of Trezor export keys screen

Step 7. You'll then be directed back to MEW where you'll need to choose the network and address that you want to interact with. Go ahead and choose the address you wish to access, click to agree to the terms then click 'Access my wallet'.

  • If you are having trouble locating your address, it could be a derivation path issue. To understand more about derivation paths, see the 'HD wallets and Derivation paths' article. Note, however, that MEW web does not support custom paths for Trezor.

As always, feel free to contact us at We are always happy to help!

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