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Migrating from MEW CX to Enkrypt
Migrating from MEW CX to Enkrypt

A step-by-step guide on migrating from your MEW CX wallet over to Enkrypt, using your Private key or Keystore file.

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We are excited to introduce Enkrypt, MEW's new multichain browser extension wallet! We are grateful to all of our MEW CX users, and while we understand it's hard to say goodbye to a product you've gotten used to, Enkrypt can do all the things that MEW CX could do and much, much more! Read about the Enkrypt extension here:

Enkrypt is taking the lessons learned from MEW CX, improving upon them, as well as embracing the multichain future.

Please take note after October 4th, 2022, MEW CX will no longer be maintained or updated by our developers.

Here are the key features of Enkrypt and how they improve on MEW CX:

  • One recovery phrase for all accounts, including EVM and Polkadot chains

  • Swap on multiple networks directly on the Enkrypt extension

  • Interact with any web3 decentralized application or DeFi platform on multiple networks

  • View all of your NFTs

  • Buy crypto such as ETH, BNB and Matic

For MEW CX users who want to start using Enkrypt, the migration process is as simple as exporting your Keystore file or Private key from MEW CX then importing it into Enkrypt.

To Migrate from MEW CX to Enkrypt

  1. First, open the MEW CX browser extension wallet then click on 'My wallet'. (Alternatively, right-click on the MEW CX extension icon and select Options to be taken to the All Wallets page.)

  2. Find the account you want to export then click on the 3 horizontal dots found on the far right.

  3. Click on ‘View’

  4. For security purposes, go ahead and enter your MEW CX password then click ‘View’.

  5. You should now be looking at the complete details of your wallet. From here, you can do the following:

    1. Download your Keystore file

    2. View and Copy your Private Key

    3. Access your transaction history on a blockchain explorer (Etherscan for example)

    4. Print the paper wallet version of your MEW CX wallet for safekeep

  6. In order to export the proper method for your Enkrypt migration, go ahead and either Download your Keystore file or view/copy your Private key. Both are supported import methods on Enkrypt.

    1. Please keep in mind that Keystore files require a password so please make sure that the password was saved somewhere safe. For more information about Keystore files, feel free to refer to the following article: What is a Keystore/JSON file? Can I change my password?

Perfect! You’ve just exported your import method from MEW CX! Now, you can feel free to click on ‘Lock Wallet & Exit’ to get back to your MEW CX mainscreen.

Now, let’s move over to Enkrypt! If you haven't already, make sure to download Enkrypt from your web browser’s extension store. (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Brave, and Edge supported).

When Enkrypt is installed,

  1. Click on your extensions then select ‘Enkrypt’

    1. Make sure to pin it to your toolbar by clicking the extension icon then on clicking on the pin directly to the right of the Enkrypt extension. Doing this makes it easier to access in the future.

  2. When it opens, select ‘Create a new wallet’

  3. Create a password for future log in. Make sure you write down or save your password somewhere safe! The longer the password the more secure.

    1. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters and must contain numbers, letters and special characters.

  4. Click ‘Next’ then re-enter your password.

  5. You’ll now be provided with the 12 word recovery phrase for your new Enkrypt wallet. Make sure to write and save it somewhere safe then click ‘Next’ when you’re done.

    1. Please refrain from saving your Recovery phrase electronically in any way (email, text, notes in computer, etc)

    2. Please keep in mind that passwords are for daily access logins and cannot be used as import methods. In the event that the app is reinstalled or the Enkrypt wallet is reset, the recovery phrase will be required to restore access. Passwords won’t work.

  6. Complete the test to double-check that the Recovery phrase has been written down correctly. Click ‘Next’ when you’re done.

  7. Perfect! Your wallet is ready! Click ‘Finish’ then click on the 'Enkrypt' extension again to open it.

  8. Inside of your new Enkrypt wallet, click next to your account name and address to expand the drop down menu.

  9. Select ‘Import account from another wallet’.

  10. Pick the import method that you’ll be using (Keystore file or Private key).

    1. Keystore file: This import method requires a password so make sure that you have that handy for a seamless process. After locating your UTC file from your computer and entering the password, click on ‘Import Account’.

    2. Private key: Please refrain from manually entering your private key to avoid any errors. After entering your private key, double check it’s correct then select ‘Import wallet’.

  11. Create a nickname for the new account you’re importing then enter your Enkrypt password to confirm the changes.

  12. Perfect! You’ve just imported an external account into Enkrypt! To interact with that account, click on the dropdown menu next to your account’s name again and select the name of your newly added account.

If you are trying to import a Hardware wallet, please refer to the ‘Enkrypt: Add and import accounts, and connect a Hardware wallet’ article for step by step guidance with that.

If you experience any issues with Enkrypt, please contact our support team at

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