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While MyEtherWallet is first and foremost a platform for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, we also offer the option to interact with other smart contract networks that have been forked from the Ethereum blockchain or represent Layer 2/sidechain Ethereum solutions. Some examples of these networks include ETC, Polygon, and BSC.

If you’ve had crypto sent to your wallet through one of the supported networks, you can interact with those assets directly on MEW simply by changing your network.

Please note: MEW wallet Android only supports connecting to the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon network currently. If you want to connect to other networks, you’ll need to connect your wallet to MEW web and interact with the networks there.

For some help on using both networks, please see the following guides:

>> BSC network on MEW wallet Android

>> Polygon network on MEW wallet Android

For assistance with connecting to MEW web and using other networks there, go ahead and check out our ‘Connect to MEW web with MEW wallet’ and 'Change Networks on MEW web' articles.

To Change your network

  1. Open the MEW wallet app.

  2. Click on ‘Ethereum’ on the top left to expand the drop-down menu for the network options.

  3. Choose the networks that you want to connect to.

Congrats! You’ve just switched networks!

If you experience any issues, go ahead and contact us at for assistance.

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