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How to Migrate tokens
How to Migrate tokens

Resources for what to do when a token moves to a new blockchain.

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When blockchain projects begin, they're usually just ideas that hope to bring forth innovative technologies to manifest at a later date. The journey from beginning to end can sometimes include fundamental changes, like deciding to move their project to an entirely different blockchain.

When a token project transitions from one blockchain to another, it must also move its tokens to the new chain. This is called a token migration. In these cases, projects may require investors to participate in a token migration by transmitting their token holding balance to the new blockchain.

The process of migrating tokens can vary depending on the project itself, however, you may be required to do the migration yourself if you self-custody your tokens. If your tokens are held in an exchange, there is a high chance that the exchange handles the migration process on your behalf. However, this is not always the case, so you should check with both the project conducting the migration and your exchange to ensure that the exchange is participating in the migration.

To migrate your tokens on MEW:

Step 1. Access your wallet and click on ‘Send Transaction’ located on the left side menu of your Dashboard.

Step 2. Select ‘ETH’ in the token dropdown menu and in the amount field, enter ‘0’.

Step 3. Find your token’s legacy Ethereum contract address and paste it into the ‘To Address’ field.

  • You may find the legacy contract address (original contract address) on an explorer, such as

  • Alternatively, some tokens will release official updates with all of the necessary information on platforms such as Telegram and Medium.

  • The official announcements may also have all the parameters you need such as the number of zeroes, contract address, and even sometimes a payload converter. (Visiting the contract page on Etherscan will provide a way to convert your value into payload format.)

Step 4. Click the Advanced tab to reveal the ‘Gas Limit’ and ‘Add Data’ input fields.

  • Set the gas limit to the specifications given by the blockchain’s official announcement to be sure it does not get stuck in transit.

  • If this information is not available, set your limit between 90,000 and 100,000 to ensure it proceeds without breaking.

  • This is setting the absolute limit and your actual cost of fees will be visible later for review.

Step 5. Input your amount value into the ‘Add Data’ field after converting its Eth value into payload format. You may do this using the ‘Write’ tab on the contract’s page on Etherscan.

  • You will see a tab in Etherscan labeled ‘Contract’. Under this please select the Write tab and fill in the first two fields available, Address and Amount.

  • Be sure to choose your required number of zeroes using the '+' button to the right of the amount field.

  • Have your Web3 wallet connected to the write page and then input your amount to send with no decimal points.

  • Click ‘Write’ and your wallet will pop up with a transaction, click ‘View full transaction details’ and copy and paste the long number starting with 0x under Data. It should be similar to this:

    0x095ea7b30000000000000000000000005d81166eabf8810b3631ad7117b72a9 fd8b98e360000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000051b660 cdd58000

Step 6. Click ‘Send Transaction’, confirm the transaction(s) and wait for it to be confirmed.

Step 7. Copy the transaction hash and check on Your token should now be visible on its new smart contract address

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