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The Ethereum Alarm Clock Protocol hosted by ChronoLogic allows users to schedule their transactions right on MEW’s interface, enabling users to set a later date and time for their transaction.

Using the Ethereum Alarm Clock Protocol

Step 1. Access your wallet.

Step 2. Head to the Dapps page on your Wallet Dashboard.

Step 3. Select “Schedule a Transaction”.

Step 4. Fill in your transaction information.

  • Select the type of crypto you’re sending and the amount you’d like to send.

  • Fill in the ‘To Address’ with the final address you’d like the payment to be delivered to.

  • Set a Date & Time when you’d like the transaction to post, and make sure you’re using the correct timezone.

  • Set a ‘Time Bounty’ as the amount of ETH you’d like to use as gas for your future transaction.

Step 5. When you’re done, select ‘Schedule Transaction’ and confirm the transaction on your device, if you’re using one.

Step 6. You’re done! Your transaction will post on the scheduled date & time.

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