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Transactions are ‘Not Found’ or ‘Pending’ Forever
Transactions are ‘Not Found’ or ‘Pending’ Forever

An explanation and some resources if your transaction is 'Not found' or is 'Pending' for a long period of time.

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Oftentimes, a combination of new users, increased interest in Ethereum, games like CryptoKitties, and random ICOs can create quite a mess of the transaction pool, causing a lot of transactions to remain pending longer than usual. This is a network issue that affects all exchanges and ETH users.

There is simply not enough space in the blocks for the miners to mine all the transactions, and many systems are not currently set up to monitor the massive quantity of transaction requests. This is affecting all people’s ability to send transactions.

Helpful Tools and Resources to Get Your Transaction to Send

  • Learn about transaction fees (gas), and how to get your transaction to go through.

  • Replace a pending transaction that you sent with too low gas.

  • Use EthGasStation for accurate gas prices in real-time.

  • Learn about Nonce, and how it controls which transactions are mined (or not).

Other Tips

  • Try switching the network in the top-right to use a different node. There are multiple nodes that allow you to interact with ETH. We default to ‘’. If one is not working, try another one.

  • If you sent FROM an exchange, your best bet is to just be patient. Their support teams are generally flooded with requests (as are ours!), so patience is the best option.

  • There are additional issues created by this increased traffic that can result in unclear error messages on MyEtherWallet. We’re sorry for this, and we’re working on improving those messages. If you get an error, try pressing the generate button again, or changing the network via the dropdown in the top-right. However, be careful that you don’t actually send the same transaction twice.

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