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ETH or ERC20 Tokens Sent To/From an Exchange Haven’t Shown Up
ETH or ERC20 Tokens Sent To/From an Exchange Haven’t Shown Up

An overview of what to do if your tokens don't show up after being sent from an exchange.

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If you’re missing funds, you should first confirm that the transaction was broadcast successfully. If you have your transaction hash, plug it into the search bar at

The lack of any red symbols or errors means that your transaction was successful! You can click on the ‘To:’ address on this transaction overview to redirect yourself to the fund's destination. Make sure you double-check the address to confirm it was 100% the same address you meant to send to. Even one wrong character will mean your funds were sent to another wallet’s address.

If you see an error on your transaction, this means it was not successful, and your funds never left their original wallet. You will need to try sending the transaction again, making a few changes to help it broadcast successfully. Depending on the error shown, it’s usually an easy fix.

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