Please note: This access method is only supported on version 5 of our website. If you want to access your Jaxx wallet on MEW, please use the older version of our website at the following link:

You can use both MyEtherWallet (MEW) and Jaxx at the same time, as both are client-side wallets that allow access to the Ethereum blockchain. There is no need to ‘import’ or ‘sweep’ your ETH from your Jaxx wallet to a new wallet with MEW.

Instead, use your Jaxx 12-word mnemonic phrase to access your wallet. You will derive multiple addresses, choose the one you are familiar with. Both ETH and ETC can be accessed via this address, as well as various other networks we support.

To access your ETC (or other networks), access your wallet and change your network in the upper-right hand corner of your wallet’s interface. We offer multiple nodes for ETC, so choose whichever is right for you. (Don’t overthink it.)

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