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Using MEW as a Progressive Web App (PWA) or Chrome App
Using MEW as a Progressive Web App (PWA) or Chrome App

Install MEW web to your computer for secure access.

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You can use MEW web as a Progressive Web App (PWA) or Chrome App, allowing for secure access directly from a shortcut on your desktop computer. Using a Chrome App installed on your computer reduces the risk of accessing a fake website or a compromised DNS, adding to the security of interacting with crypto services online.

To make use of this feature, you first need to be on a supported browser like Chrome and Brave.

Head to MyEtherWallet, click on the Install icon at the top right of the address bar.

This will add a MEW shortcut to your computer, in your Applications/Chrome apps folder, making it available for easy access without going through a browser.

It's also possible to use MEW as a PWA on your iOS or Android device.

  • On iOS Safari, tap the Share button, and then select Add to Home Screen.

  • In Chrome on Android, tap the three dot icon in the upper right, and then select Add to Home Screen.

However, keep in mind we don't recommend online wallet access with software methods like keystore file, phrase, or private key.

If you want to use MEW web on your phone, the best way to do that is to download MEW wallet app and then connect to MEW web from the MEW wallet app browser.

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