You can now use MEW as a Progressive Web App (PWA), allowing access to a faster and more stable version of our site directly from a shortcut on your computer desktop or smartphone. Using a PWA on your computer eliminates the risk of accessing a fake website or a compromised DNS, adding to the security of interacting with crypto services online.

On a smartphone, it enables the use of MEW’s interface as a real app accessible right from your phone’s app directory. This allows our interface to send notifications and be used offline, the same as any traditional smartphone app.

To make use of this feature, you first need to be on a supported browser (Chrome and Brave are MEW-recommended browsers).

Head to our web page and check in your browser settings for the option “Install MyEtherWallet…”

This will install the website to your computer as a PWA shortcut, making it available for easy access and providing an improved user experience.

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