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Ambrpay has integrated with MEW to set up and manage recurring payments. This can be utilized in a variety of ways, like setting up subscriptions for services or managing frequent payments to friends, etc.

If you’d like to set up a payment system with Ambrpay, you will need a wallet you can access with our interface. If you do not have a wallet, check out our guide on how to create a wallet to set one up.

Using Ambrpay with MEW

Step 1. Access your wallet.

  • Choose your preferred method of access.

Image of MEW accessed wallet

Step 2. Head to the Dapps section to the left of your wallet’s dashboard.

  • Select Ambrpay from our list of Dapps.

Image of AmbrPay on Dapps page

Step 3. Add funds to your balance by selecting ‘Add Funds’.

  • Ambrpay pulls your subscription payments from a pool of funds you deposit into the contract. Select how much you’d like to send to this pool.

  • Ambrpay takes a 1% fee for this service.

Image of AmbrPay interface

Step 4. Set up the subscription.

  • Fill in the details of your subscription. Determine how much you’d like to pay and how often you’d like this payment to occur (in days).

Image of filled out AmbrPay interface

After your subscription is set up, you can cancel it at any time through the ‘My Subscriptions’ section.

You can also ‘Withdraw Funds’ from the contract, found in the same area as ‘Add Funds’.

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