When accessing a hardware wallet, you’re given the choice of which derivation path to use. Most of the time it’s best to use the default path for familiarity since each path leads to a different set of addresses. However, there are occasions where a different path is necessary. We’ve included the ability to add custom derivation paths so you can connect to whichever path you’d like. Check out our article to read more about derivation paths.

Step 1. Head to the MEW homepage and select ‘Access My Wallet’, then choose ‘Hardware Wallet’.

  • This can also be done via Mnemonic Phrase access.

Step 2. After selecting your Hardware Wallet, a screen like the one below should appear. Click the small arrow to expand a larger list of Derivation Path options.

Image of Derivation Path screen

Step 3. Choose ‘Custom Path’ on the bottom-right and enter the details of the custom path you’d like to connect through.

Image of Derivation Path list
Image of Custom Path addition

You’re all set! After you’ve added your custom path, you should see a different list of addresses to connect to.

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